Collection: The Best Cheese of Teruel - Aragón - Spain

Savor the Essence of Teruel and Aragón: A Journey Through Its Cheeses

In the heart of Spain lies a region rich in gastronomic treasures, where the age-old tradition of cheese-making has been preserved through generations. Teruel and Aragón offer a variety of unique cheeses, each with a distinctive taste, texture, and history.

One of the most celebrated cheeses from this region is Tronchón cheese, traditionally crafted in the town of Tronchón, Teruel. This cheese, often made from ewe's or a mixture of ewe and goat's milk, embodies a compact, consistent, and somewhat springy texture. Tasting notes reveal an assertive, intense, and buttery taste, with a robust flavor of goat or ewe's milk, enriched by the aromatic herbs on which the cattle graze. The cheese may range from soft-paste to hard, and its cylindrical or trunk-like shape, resembling a volcano crater, adds to its distinctive character​​. Its mention in the 17th-century book Don Quixote further illustrates the historical significance of Tronchón cheese​​.

Apart from Tronchón, Albarracín cheese is another gem from Aragón, being one of the most awarded cheeses in all of Spain. This cheese alongside others like patamulo, kerchief, drums, and Fanbar, highlights the diverse cheese-making traditions of Aragón.

The province of Teruel, known for its agricultural prowess, produces not only cheese but also other commodities like barley, oil, and fruits. The area's climate and fertile lands create a perfect environment for producing cheeses with a distinct Teruel and Aragón touch​.

Furthermore, Benasque cheese, hailing from Huesca in Aragón, is a hard cheese aged from 3 to 6 months in cellars. Its compact, buttery yet crumbly texture, with milky, salty flavors and a tangy finish, offers a unique tasting experience​.

These cheeses are more than just a culinary delight; they are a representation of the rich cultural and gastronomic heritage of Teruel and Aragón. Each cheese variety tells a story of the land, the traditions, and the people who have perfected the art of cheese-making over centuries.

Embark on a flavorful journey through Teruel and Aragón, and let the exquisite cheeses from these regions narrate tales of tradition, excellence, and the true essence of Spanish gastronomy.