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Quesos Romero

From Spain with Love: Savoring Queso de Oveja y Cabra "Ocaña

From Spain with Love: Savoring Queso de Oveja y Cabra "Ocaña

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Welcome to a world of delectable Spanish cheese – a world where flavor and tradition collide to create a culinary masterpiece. Dive into the enchanting taste of Queso de Oveja y Cabra "Ocaña" by Quesos Romero. If you're a connoisseur of fine cheese, you're in for a treat.

Let's explore the exquisite details of this cheese:

Queso de Oveja y Cabra "Ocaña"

  • Weight: Approximately 2.50 kg
  • Whole Cheese
  • A unique, mouthwatering creation
  • Bold and robust flavor

Queso de Oveja y Cabra "Ocaña" is a masterpiece crafted from raw sheep and goat milk. It's a "fatty" aged cheese matured in olive oil, delivering a strong flavor without the hardness you might expect. This culinary wonder is brought to you by Quesos Romero, a legacy from Hijos de Miguel Romero, C.B., located at C/ Cardenal Reig, 17 in Ocaña, Toledo.


  • Raw Sheep and Goat Milk
  • Rennet
  • Common Salt

Possible Combinations with Spanish Wine: Enhance your Spanish Cheese experience by pairing it with the finest Spanish wines. Whether you prefer a Tempranillo, a Rioja, or a crisp Albariño, our Queso de Oveja y Cabra "Ocaña" will elevate your wine tasting to new heights.

Combinations with Spanish Ham: Take your taste buds on a journey through Spain's culinary traditions by pairing our Queso de Oveja y Cabra "Ocaña" with authentic Spanish ham. The marriage of rich cheese and savory ham is a match made in gastronomic heaven.

Don't miss out on the chance to savor the richness of Spain with Quesos Romero's Queso de Oveja y Cabra "Ocaña." Order now and elevate your culinary adventures to a whole new level of taste and tradition. Taste the essence of Spain – order today!

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