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Tellez Aged Picantillo Cheese 2.4Kg - Whole, Vacuum-Sealed Original

Tellez Aged Picantillo Cheese 2.4Kg - Whole, Vacuum-Sealed Original

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Discover the robust and piquant flavors of Spain with Tellez's Aged Picantillo Cheese. This 2.4 kg whole cheese, vacuum-sealed to retain freshness, is an embodiment of Spanish cheesemaking excellence. Crafted with raw sheep's milk and aged for over fourteen months, each bite is a journey into the heart of Spanish culinary tradition.

If you're searching for a cheese that offers both a robust flavor and a spicy kick, our Aged Picantillo Cheese is your ideal match. It's perfect for those who crave a cheese that's both rich in taste and has a distinctively sharp edge.

During its careful aging process, this cheese is coated in virgin olive oil, enhancing its flavor profile with a strong, slightly spicy taste. The extended aging period of over fourteen months ensures the cheese develops a deep, complex flavor, making it a standout addition to any cheese board or recipe.


  • Weight: 2.4 kg whole cheese
  • Aging: Over 14 months
  • Milk Type: Raw sheep's milk
  • Origin: Spain
  • Product ID: TELLEZ-Q-0010-Entero
  • Packaging: Vacuum-sealed for freshness

Elevate your cheese experience with Tellez's Aged Picantillo Cheese. Whether you're looking to enhance your culinary creations or simply enjoy a slice of Spanish tradition, this cheese is a must-try. Add it to your cart and taste the richness of Spain!

User Experiences:

  1. "The Aged Picantillo Cheese from Tellez is a revelation. Its strong, slightly spicy flavor adds a fantastic twist to my cheese platters." - Marco, Italy

  2. "I adore the depth of flavor in this cheese! The hint of spiciness is just perfect, not overpowering but pleasantly noticeable." - Ayesha, UAE

  3. "This cheese has become my go-to for cooking. It melts beautifully, adding a robust and spicy dimension to my dishes." - Ethan, USA

  4. "The olive oil aging process really shines through in this cheese. Its unique flavor is something I've never found in any other cheese." - Yuna, South Korea

  5. "As a cheese lover, I'm always on the hunt for something special. Tellez's Aged Picantillo Cheese exceeded all my expectations with its rich and spicy notes." - Claire, Australia

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