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Sierra Lindón

Sierra Lindón 'DO Teruel' Serrano Ham

Sierra Lindón 'DO Teruel' Serrano Ham

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Sierra Lindón presents the exquisite 'DO Teruel' Serrano Ham, an iconic Spanish delicacy with a legacy dating back to 1984 when it became the first food in Spain to receive Denominación de Origen (DO) recognition. With a weight ranging from 8.5 to 9 kg, this ham boasts a deep red hue with partially infiltrated fat, and a brilliant appearance when sliced. It undergoes a natural, slow, and extended curing process, exceeding 20 months, and is crafted in the traditional manner with minimal salt. At Sierra Lindón, we guarantee the highest standards of food safety. Join us on a journey through the flavors and history of 'DO Teruel' Serrano Ham.


  • 🇪🇸 A Spanish Pioneer: 'DO Teruel' Serrano Ham, protected by Denominación de Origen Protegida (DO) since 1984, holds the distinction of being the first food in Spain to receive such recognition.
  • 🔴 Vibrant Appearance: This ham boasts a striking red color with fat that elegantly marbles the meat, creating a visually appealing and brilliant slice.
  • 🕒 Extended Curing: Our ham undergoes a natural and extended curing process, lasting over 20 months, resulting in a delicately salted and aromatic flavor.
  • 🐖 Selected Heritage: Crafted from 'Duroc' on the paternal side and 'Landrace' and 'Large White' on the maternal side, meticulously selected breeds ensure exceptional quality.
  • 🏞️ Supervised Tradition: The feeding and rearing of each pig are rigorously controlled by the Regulatory Council of the Denominación de Origen of Teruel (Spain), overseeing the entire production process from farm to market.
  • 🏔️ Natural Drying at Sierra Lindón: Our natural drying facility, 'Sierra Lindón,' located at an altitude of 940 meters above sea level in Monreal del Campo, benefits from the unique climate of the Teruel province.
  • 🌬️ Prized Natural Climate: The dry, cold climate of the region is a key factor in imparting the specific taste and aroma to 'DO Teruel' Ham during its natural, slow, and extended curing, which surpasses 20 months.
  • 🏆 Award-Winning Craftsmanship: Sierra Lindón's dedication to traditional methods and minimal salt has earned it two prestigious awards at the National Quality Contest held in Calamocha (Teruel) in 1999 and 2002.

Guarantee of Quality: From the moment our hams enter Sierra Lindón's facilities to their departure as perfectly crafted masterpieces, they are meticulously traced to ensure the product's food safety from start to finish.

Curing: Aged for an impressive 20 - 24 months, our 'DO Teruel' Serrano Ham reaches its peak of perfection.

Experience the rich tradition and exquisite flavor of 'DO Teruel' Serrano Ham by Sierra Lindón. Order now and embark on a culinary journey that captures the essence of Spain. Elevate your dining experience by pairing this iconic ham with the finest Spanish wines or savoring it with a variety of Spanish cheeses. Unlock the secrets of Sierra Lindón's award-winning craftsmanship. Order today!

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