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QUESOS LA ALDEA Spanish Cheese - Artisanal Tender Goat Cheese

QUESOS LA ALDEA Spanish Cheese - Artisanal Tender Goat Cheese

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QUESOS LA ALDEA introduces its Artisanal Tender Goat Cheese, a 0.75 kg Spanish cheese delight that perfectly encapsulates the essence of traditional Spanish cheesemaking. Crafted from gently pasteurized goat's milk, this cheese boasts a unique cylindrical shape adorned with floral and pleita engravings.

Are you in search of a Spanish cheese that offers a gentle, sweet flavor, unlike the stronger, saltier varieties? Our Tender Goat Cheese is the answer for those who desire a subtly sweet taste coupled with an artisanal touch.

This Spanish cheese is characterized by its soft, white cut and a texture that is slightly firmer than fresh cheese, making it versatile for various culinary uses. Its sweet overtones provide a delightful contrast to the typical salty flavors of goat cheese, making it a unique addition to your cheese repertoire.


  • Weight: 0.75 kg wedge
  • Spanish Artisanal Cheese: Made from pasteurized goat's milk
  • Texture: Firm yet creamy
  • Flavor: Soft and sweet, less salty
  • Packaging: Available in whole, quarters, or halves, with artisanal engravings
  • Brand: QUESOS LA ALDEA, renowned for artisanal quality

Embrace the subtlety and sweetness of Spanish cheese with our Artisanal Tender Goat Cheese. A must-try for those who appreciate the finer nuances of cheese. Add this exceptional wedge to your collection and experience a delicate taste of Spain!

User Experiences:

  1. "This cheese was a delightful surprise. Its sweet and soft flavor was a refreshing change from the usual goat cheeses I've tried." - Sofia, Portugal

  2. "I used this cheese in a salad, and it added just the right amount of creamy sweetness. It's become a staple in my kitchen." - Yuto, Japan

  3. "I love how this cheese balances its sweetness with a firmer texture. It's perfect for both cheese platters and cooking." - Aisha, UAE

  4. "As a fan of milder cheeses, this Tender Goat Cheese from QUESOS LA ALDEA was a perfect find. It's deliciously sweet without being overpowering." - Ethan, Canada

  5. "The artisanal quality of this cheese is evident in its taste and texture. It's been a hit at my dinner parties, especially with those who usually find goat cheese too strong." - Ingrid, Sweden

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