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QUESOS LA ALDEA Spanish Cheese - Artisanal Semi-Cured Sheep Cheese with Truffle

QUESOS LA ALDEA Spanish Cheese - Artisanal Semi-Cured Sheep Cheese with Truffle

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Embrace the luxurious fusion of flavors with QUESOS LA ALDEA's Artisanal Semi-Cured Sheep Cheese with Truffle. This 1.5 kg Spanish cheese, delicately infused with rich truffles, represents the pinnacle of artisanal craftsmanship, combining the creamy goodness of sheep's milk with the exquisite taste of truffles.

If you're seeking a Spanish cheese that offers an extraordinary taste experience, moving beyond the traditional, our Semi-Cured Sheep Cheese with Truffle is your ideal choice. It's specially crafted for gourmet enthusiasts who desire a sophisticated and flavorful cheese.

Crafted with pasteurized sheep's milk and cured for a minimum of three months, this cheese features a darkened white cut interspersed with truffle pieces throughout. The soft, slightly acidic taste of the cheese beautifully complements the bold truffle flavor, creating a harmonious blend that's both aromatic and palatable.


  • Weight: 1.5 kg half cheese (note: weight may vary ±5% due to artisanal production)
  • Spanish Artisanal Cheese: Infused with truffles
  • Texture: Creamy with truffle pieces
  • Flavor: Soft cheese flavor with a potent truffle finish
  • Packaging: Available in whole, quarters, or halves
  • Brand: QUESOS LA ALDEA, renowned for artisanal excellence

Indulge in the opulent taste of our Semi-Cured Sheep Cheese with Truffle. Ideal for those who appreciate the finer things in life, this Spanish cheese is a must-try for any gourmet lover. Add it to your cart and savor the luxurious blend of sheep cheese and truffles!

User Experiences:

  1. "The truffle in this cheese is simply divine. It adds such a depth of flavor that elevates my cheese boards to a whole new level." - Isabella, Italy

  2. "I've never tasted anything like it. The combination of creamy sheep cheese and rich truffles is a match made in heaven." - André, Portugal

  3. "This cheese was the star of our dinner party. The guests were amazed by the luxurious taste of the truffles in every bite." - Nora, Sweden

  4. "As a truffle lover, I was ecstatic to find this cheese. It's the perfect balance of earthy truffles and creamy cheese." - Hiro, Japan

  5. "I used this cheese in a risotto, and it took the dish to an extraordinary level. The truffle flavor is potent and delightful." - Elena, Spain

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