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La Aldea

La Aldea Artisanal Manchego Cheese - Semi-Cured, 3 Kg

La Aldea Artisanal Manchego Cheese - Semi-Cured, 3 Kg

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Embark on a sensory journey with La Aldea's Manchego Cheese, a semi-cured artisanal delight. Crafted with 100% raw Manchega sheep's milk, this 3 Kg cylindrical cheese is a true embodiment of Spanish cheese tradition, offering a perfect balance of creamy texture and nuanced flavors.

For those who find regular cheese lacking in depth or character, our Manchego cheese offers an enriching taste experience. It's an ideal choice for cheese enthusiasts seeking a blend of traditional flavor with a unique artisanal touch.

La Aldea's Manchego Cheese is aged for about three months, resulting in a white to ivory-colored cut with small, unevenly distributed eyes. Its creamy texture and lactic tones, combined with a slightly acidic finish, provide a sophisticated and balanced flavor profile. The cheese's cylindrical shape, adorned with traditional pleita and floral engravings, reflects its artisanal heritage.


  • Weight: Approximately 3 Kg
  • Type: Semi-cured artisanal Manchego cheese
  • Texture: Creamy with small, unevenly spread eyes
  • Flavor: Soft, creamy, with lactic tones and a mildly acidic finish
  • Packaging: Cylindrical shape with pleita and floral engravings
  • Brand: La Aldea, renowned for artisanal Spanish cheeses

Discover the rich, creamy flavors of Spain with La Aldea's Manchego Cheese. Ideal for those who cherish quality and authenticity in their cheese selections. Add this artisanal masterpiece to your cart and savor the exquisite taste of Spanish heritage!

User Experiences:

  1. "This Manchego is a staple on our family cheeseboard. Its creamy texture and subtle acidity are a hit every time." - Ana, Spain

  2. "I used La Aldea's Manchego in my cooking and it added such a rich, nuanced flavor to the dishes." - James, UK

  3. "As a cheese lover, this Manchego has become my new favorite. The balance of flavors is simply impeccable." - Yuki, Japan

  4. "I was looking for an authentic Spanish cheese experience, and La Aldea's Manchego didn't disappoint. The creamy texture and the lactic tones are delightful." - Hassan, Morocco

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