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Macán Clásico - A Symphony of Sensitivity and Expressiveness in Spanish Red Wine

Macán Clásico - A Symphony of Sensitivity and Expressiveness in Spanish Red Wine

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Explore Macán Clásico, a wine that emerges from the heart of Rioja, honoring the authentic style of this prestigious Spanish terroir. A wine that harmonizes tradition with contemporary expression, Macán Clásico carries the character of its origins, enveloping itself in an unforgettable balance of sensitivity and expressiveness.

Macán Clásico, crafted entirely from the Tempranillo grape variety, exemplifies the timeless elegance that Rioja is known for. Following alcoholic fermentation, it undergoes malolactic fermentation in a blend of oak barrels and tanks. The aging process takes place in French oak barrels, featuring fine and extra-fine grain, with a majority in new barrels and the remainder in barrels previously holding wine. This wine matures for 15 months in oak before its bottling.

Macán and Macán Clásico represent the shared vision of two esteemed names in the world of wine: Rothschild and Vega Sicilia, as they explore the essence of Rioja. These wines exude great elegance, where harmony of aromas and flavors authentically reflects the terroir's capacity to produce outstanding wines.

Macán Clásico is characterized by its approachability, providing a pleasurable and friendly drinking experience. It distinctly embodies the land from which it originates, marked by simplicity and attractiveness. The coexistence of Macán and Macán Clásico stems from a Bordeaux tradition of crafting both a first and a second wine. Throughout their journey, both wines are treated with equal care, from the vineyard to the classification tasting.

At that moment, the various wine lots from the harvest are separated, revealing the two wines individually and highlighting the nuances that differentiate them.

Please store and enjoy Macán Clásico responsibly. Excessive alcohol consumption can be detrimental to your health. Consume in moderation, and note that the sale and consumption of this product are prohibited for individuals under 18 years of age.

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