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Exquisite Spanish Ham - Limited Pieces of 4 A 4.5 Kg Paleta Ibérica de Cebo

Exquisite Spanish Ham - Limited Pieces of 4 A 4.5 Kg Paleta Ibérica de Cebo

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Are you ready to embark on a culinary journey to Spain without leaving your home? Look no further! Introducing the exquisite 4 A 4.5 Kg Paleta Ibérica de Cebo, Pata Negra, Natural de Badajoz by DE PURA MADRE. We bring you the essence of Spanish ham, a true delicacy that will elevate your dining experience to new heights.

Experience the essence of Spain with our carefully crafted 4 A 4.5 Kg Paleta Ibérica de Cebo. Here's what makes it special:

Contents: This paleta de cebo weighs 4 to 4.5 kg and hails from Badajoz, a region renowned for its culinary excellence.

Regulations: All our hams and paletas, including the Insignia Ibérica, are certified and compliant with the real decree R.D. 4/2014, ensuring the highest quality standards.

Quality Assurance: We guarantee the quality and optimal curing of our products, ensuring that every bite is a delightful experience.

Curation: Aged for 24 months in the heart of Extremadura, Spain, our paleta ibérica de cebo embodies the rich flavors and traditions of this Spanish region.

Unique Characteristics: This paleta is obtained from the forelimbs of the Iberian pig, characterized by its elegant shape, slender leg, black hoof, and soft, glossy, and smooth-textured fat.

Combinations with Spanish Wine: Elevate your dining experience by pairing our 4 A 4.5 Kg Paleta Ibérica de Cebo with the finest Spanish wines. The perfect harmony of flavors awaits you as you savor the rich, savory ham alongside the robust notes of Spanish red or the crisp elegance of a white wine.

Combinations with Spanish Cheese: Take your palate on a journey of delight with the perfect pairing of our paleta ibérica de cebo and authentic Spanish cheese. Whether it's the creamy Manchego, the tangy Cabrales, or the mild Mahón, these combinations will transport you straight to the heart of Spain.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to experience the authentic flavors of Spain. Limited pieces of our 4 A 4.5 Kg Paleta Ibérica de Cebo are available now. Order yours today and savor the taste of Spain in every delicious bite!

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