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Beginnings of a Crusade: the Farewell in Teruel

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Chapter 1: Between Swords and Stars: Diego's Crusade Begins

In the majestic hall of honor, with its walls adorned with tapestries depicting the exploits of ancient heroes, Diego approaches his father with determination. The air is filled with an expectant silence. His father, seated in his carved chair, gazes fixedly at the flames of the hearth, seemingly pondering matters of great importance.

Diego, with a mixture of respect and urgency, begins to speak. His voice resonates in the vaults of the hall:

“Father, I have come to seek your blessing. I have made a decision that will shape the course of my life. I am going to join the Crusades. It is my desire to fight in the Holy Land to gain fortune and fame. Thus, with honor and recognition, I may ask for the hand of Isabel de Segura. Her father will only accept my proposal if I return as a man of renown and wealth.”

Diego's father observes him, his face an enigma. After a few moments of silence, in which only the crackling of the wood is heard, he responds with a firm yet emotion-filled voice:

"Diego, my son, your decision shows the courage and determination that I have always known you possess. The crusade is not just a battle for land but a test of faith and courage. Go with the blessing of your father and of God. May your sword defend justice, and may your heart guide your path. Return with honor, not only to win the love of Isabel but also to bring glory to our family name."

Diego, with determination and gratitude shining in his eyes, bows deeply before his father. This gesture marks the beginning of an adventure that will take him across seas and deserts, facing dangers and discovering the true value of loyalty, love, and honor.

Dawn of Adventures: Diego's Promise in Teruel

Before dawn, Diego dresses in his knight's armor, a mixture of shining metal and sturdy leather, prepared for the challenges he will face. Every piece of his equipment, from the sword to the shield, bears the emblem of his family, a reminder of his heritage and duty.

In the stables, his loyal horse, a robust chestnut steed with a dark mane, seems to understand the significance of the moment. Diego saddles it carefully, making sure everything is ready for the long journey. Beside him, he places a small wooden chest containing his most precious belongings necessary for the journey.

As he exits through the ancient gates of Teruel, the sky begins to brighten, heralding the start of a new day. There, a group of Diego's friends and acquaintances has gathered to bid him farewell. Their faces show a mix of pride and concern. Among them are his childhood companions, some young nobles from the city, and townsfolk who have heard of his brave intentions.

Diego pauses for a moment before them, his heart filled with gratitude and determination. One by one, he bids farewell to his friends, exchanging firm hugs and words of encouragement. Some of them give him small gifts or talismans for good luck, symbols of their affection and hopes for his safe return.

Mounting his horse, Diego turns around for one last look at his hometown. With the promise to return as a changed man, capable of marrying Isabel de Segura, he begins his journey to Valencia, where he will meet with the fierce almogávares, warriors known for their skill and bravery in battle.

Diego's journey toward glory and honor has just begun, taking him through changing landscapes and toward unknown destinations. His adventure will shape him as a knight and as a man, challenging his courage, wit, and heart.

Promises Among Shadows: Diego's Departure and Isabel's Tears

As Diego moves away from the gates of Teruel, a figure stands out among the crowd: Isabel de Segura, his beloved. Her eyes trace the silhouette of Diego and his horse, her hands pressed against her chest in a gesture of unease. Isabel, known for her beauty and noble heart, feels a mixture of pride and fear as she watches Diego depart into the unknown.

Despite the strength she has always shown, tears well up in Isabel's eyes, reflecting the storm of emotions she feels. She had dreamt of a future together with Diego, a future filled with love and joy. However, Diego's decision to join the Crusades has put those dreams on hold, leaving behind a painful uncertainty.

Isabel is surrounded by her own friends, who try to console her, but her gaze remains fixed on the figure receding into the distance. In her heart, Isabel feels a blend of admiration for Diego's bravery and a deep fear for the dangers he will face.

The moment is bittersweet. On one hand, Isabel understands and respects Diego's desire to earn honor and recognition so that they can marry. On the other hand, the possibility of losing Diego in a distant land weighs on her soul like a dark shadow.

With one last look at Diego disappearing on the horizon, Isabel stands at the gates of Teruel, promising herself to await his return, keeping the flame of their love alive through distance and time.

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