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The Order of the Silver Phenix: Cronicles of Aragón

The Order of the Silver Phenix: Cronicles of Aragón

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The Order of the Silver Phoenix: Guardians of Aragón

Dive into the pages of "The Order of the Silver Phoenix: Guardians of Aragón," a sweeping historical epic that brings to life the legendary story of the Knights of the Silver Phoenix. Set in the rich tapestry of 12th-century Aragón, this novel unfolds the origins, adventures, and enduring legacy of a mystical order of knights, whose deeds have become the stuff of legend.

Synopsis: At the heart of this tale is Alfonso de Zaragoza, a nobleman transformed by mystical visions during his pilgrimage to distant lands. Inspired by a dream of a silver phoenix rising from ashes—a symbol of hope and renewal—Alfonso founds an order dedicated to protecting the realm and preserving ancient knowledge.

Joining him are key figures:

  • Isabela de Calatayud: A formidable warrior known for her combat skills, playing a pivotal role in the military structure of the order.
  • Fray Guillermo de Huesca: A scholarly monk, contributing his vast knowledge of mystical sciences and arts, and becoming the guardian of the order's library.
  • Rodrigo el Halconero: A master of strategy and falconry, whose innovative battlefield tactics become legendary.

Witness their first feats:

  • The Battle of the Shadowy Valley: Isabela leading the knights against invaders, showcasing her bravery and strategy.
  • The Gallego Rescue: Rodrigo using his falconry skills to rescue villagers captured by bandits.
  • The Lost Codex of Tarazona: Fray Guillermo discovering and retrieving an ancient manuscript filled with secrets of alchemy and astrology.


  • Rich Historical Setting: Explore the medieval world of Aragón, a realm of intrigue, battles, and hidden wisdom.
  • Complex Characters: Delve into the lives of the founders, each bringing unique skills and perspectives to the order.
  • Epic Battles and Mystical Secrets: Experience the thrilling adventures and profound mysteries guarded by the knights.
  • Legacy of the Order: Follow the growth of the order under the leadership of Gran Maestre Eduardo de Trastámara, witnessing their expansion and influence across realms.

"The Order of the Silver Phoenix: Guardians of Aragón" is not just a tale of knights and battles; it's a story of wisdom, justice, and the eternal quest to protect and enlighten. Perfect for fans of historical fiction and epic tales of heroism, this novel offers a journey into a world where the line between history and legend blurs.

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