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Spanish Cheese from QUESOS LA ALDEA - Artisanal Semi-Cured Sheep Cheese with Paprika

Spanish Cheese from QUESOS LA ALDEA - Artisanal Semi-Cured Sheep Cheese with Paprika

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Indulge in the rich, authentic flavors of Spain with QUESOS LA ALDEA's Artisanal Semi-Cured Sheep Cheese. This exquisite cheese, enhanced with a hint of paprika, is a gourmet's delight, perfect for cheese lovers seeking a unique and satisfying experience.

Are you tired of ordinary cheeses that lack depth and character? Our semi-cured sheep cheese offers a robust flavor profile, combining the creamy texture of sheep's milk with the subtle, smoky warmth of paprika. It's a culinary journey that transforms your cheeseboard into an artisanal feast.

Our cheese is handcrafted using traditional methods, ensuring each wedge is of the highest quality. The semi-cured nature provides a perfect balance between firmness and creaminess, making it ideal for both slicing and melting. The addition of paprika not only infuses a gentle heat but also gives this cheese its distinctive, vibrant color, making it a visually stunning addition to any dish.


  • Weight: 0.75 kg wedge
  • Options: Available as a whole, in quarters, or halves
  • Packaging: Perfectly packaged for freshness
  • Brand: QUESOS LA ALDEA, renowned for artisanal quality

Ready to elevate your cheese experience? Add a wedge of our artisanal semi-cured sheep cheese to your cart and savor the artisanal difference. Your taste buds will thank you!

User Experiences:

  1. "As a true cheese aficionado, I was blown away by the depth of flavor in this cheese. The paprika is not overpowering, but a perfect companion to the rich sheep's milk." - Miguel, Spain

  2. "I used this cheese in my tapas spread, and my guests couldn't stop raving about it. It melted beautifully in my grilled sandwiches too!" - Sophie, France

  3. "This was my first time trying artisanal Spanish cheese, and I'm converted. The balance of flavors and textures is simply outstanding." - Aisha, UAE

  4. "I love how this cheese brings a pop of color and flavor to my cheese platters. It's always a conversation starter at my dinner parties." - Ken, Japan

  5. "As someone who enjoys cooking, this cheese has become a staple in my kitchen. It's versatile and always adds an extra layer of flavor to my dishes." - Olivia, Australia

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