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Savor the Flavor - Gran Reserva Bodega Ham

Savor the Flavor - Gran Reserva Bodega Ham

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Embark on a gourmet journey with GUILLEN JAMONES Y EMBUTIDOS Gran Reserva Bodega Ham, a masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of Spanish culinary excellence. This Duroc crossbreed ham, weighing approximately 8 kg, is an embodiment of tradition and quality. Vacuum-sealed to preserve its original flavor and aroma, it even comes with an elegant wooden-style suitcase for storage. With a maximum curing period of 24-25 months and a natural artisanal production process, this ham hails from Guijuelo, Salamanca, offering you a taste experience beyond the ordinary.


  • 🍖 Special Gran Reserva Ham: This Duroc crossbreed ham is a culinary gem with a weight of approximately 8 kg, vacuum-sealed to retain its original flavor and aroma. It also includes an elegant wooden-style suitcase for storage.
  • 🌱 Maximum Curing: With a curing period of 24-25 months, our ham guarantees the finest product. Crafted naturally and slowly in Guijuelo, Salamanca, it offers a taste similar to Iberian ham, thanks to its high fat infiltration.
  • 🌄 High Altitude Magic: Cured at an altitude of over 1,000 meters, where cold and constant winds play a crucial role, our hams spend more time in the drying process. This results in a need for less salt and a sweeter flavor that sets them apart.
  • 🍽️ Unique Flavor and Aroma: Our Gran Reserva Hams are known for their distinct flavor and unmistakable aroma. With a high fat content, they offer tasty, marbled slices with a unique taste. The Duroc crossbreed is the only breed allowed to be crossed with Iberian under the Iberian Quality Standard.
  • 💲 Unbeatable Quality/Price Ratio: A premium protein product with a balanced fatty acid profile, it's digestible, rich, and healthy. With less salt compared to other varieties, its flavor and aroma stand apart.

Combinations with Spanish Wine: Enhance your culinary experience by pairing GUILLEN JAMONES Y EMBUTIDOS Gran Reserva Ham with the finest Spanish wines. The ham's rich flavor complements Spanish wine varieties, creating a delightful harmony on your palate.

Combinations with Spanish Cheese: Elevate your gastronomic adventure by pairing GUILLEN JAMONES Y EMBUTIDOS Gran Reserva Ham with a variety of Spanish cheeses. From creamy Manchego to bold Cabrales, these combinations will awaken your taste buds and provide a sophisticated dining experience.

Don't miss the opportunity to savor the exquisite GUILLEN JAMONES Y EMBUTIDOS Gran Reserva Bodega Ham. Order now and relish the authentic taste of Spain. Whether it's for special occasions, tapas, or everyday indulgence, this ham adds a touch of sophistication and unique flavor to every moment. Order today and embrace the true essence of culinary artistry!

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