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Sánchez de Rojas Manchego Cheese - Organic, Artisanal Semi-Cured Sheep Cheese

Sánchez de Rojas Manchego Cheese - Organic, Artisanal Semi-Cured Sheep Cheese

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Experience the authentic taste of La Mancha with Sánchez de Rojas' Organic and Artisanal Manchego Semicured Cheese. This 2kg whole piece, cut into convenient quarters and vacuum-packed, embodies the essence of traditional Spanish cheesemaking, offering a soft, lingering dairy aroma and a gentle yet distinct flavor.

For those who appreciate genuine Manchego cheese but are looking for an organic, less intense option, our Semicured Cheese provides a perfect balance. It's crafted for enthusiasts who desire a cheese that's both flavorful and gentle on the palate.

Made with high-quality, raw, organic sheep's milk from our herd of over 3,500 Manchega and Lacaune sheep, this cheese boasts a unique taste and texture. It's aged for 2 to 3 months, striking the right balance between firmness and creaminess. The Protected Designation of Origin status ensures you're getting a truly special Manchego cheese.


  • Weight: 2 kg whole piece, vacuum-packed and cut into quarters
  • Cheese Type: Organic, Artisanal Manchego Semicured Cheese
  • Milk Type: Raw sheep's milk from Manchega and Lacaune breeds
  • Aging: 2 to 3 months
  • Brand: SANCHEZ DE ROJAS, award-winning since 1999
  • Environmental Commitment: Produced with reduced environmental impact

Indulge in the delightful simplicity of Sánchez de Rojas' Manchego Semicured Cheese. Perfect for those who cherish subtle yet rich flavors and are conscious about organic produce. Add this artisanal masterpiece to your collection for a taste of Spanish tradition!

User Experiences:

  1. "I'm a big fan of Manchego, and this organic semicured version is just perfect. It's soft, flavorful, and pairs wonderfully with my evening wines." - Amelia, UK

  2. "The quality of this cheese is remarkable. You can really taste the difference the organic milk makes. It's become a staple on my cheese board." - André, France

  3. "I was looking for a cheese that was gentle yet flavorful for my family gatherings, and this Manchego cheese hit the spot. It's a crowd-pleaser!" - Luisa, Spain

  4. "As an environmental enthusiast, I appreciate the eco-friendly approach of Sánchez de Rojas. Their Manchego cheese is not just delicious, but also responsibly made." - Ken, USA

  5. "I've tried many Manchego cheeses, but this one stands out for its creamy texture and delicate flavor. It's fantastic on its own or with some honey." - Noriko, Japan

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