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QUESOS LA ALDEA Spanish Cheese - Artisanal Sheep Cheese Aged in Olive Oil

QUESOS LA ALDEA Spanish Cheese - Artisanal Sheep Cheese Aged in Olive Oil

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Immerse yourself in the rich flavors of Spain with QUESOS LA ALDEA's Artisanal Sheep Cheese Aged in Olive Oil. This substantial 1.5 kg half cheese is a jewel in the crown of Spanish cheese, offering an intense, robust flavor with a spicy aftertaste that captures the essence of traditional Spanish cheesemaking.

Are you searching for a Spanish cheese that offers more than just a generic taste? Our Artisanal Sheep Cheese, aged in olive oil, stands apart with its strong, spicy profile, making it ideal for those who crave depth and complexity in their cheese.

Crafted from raw sheep's milk and aged to perfection, this cheese features a beautiful cylindrical shape with pleita engravings and a creamy, slightly crumbly texture. The aging process in olive oil enhances its rich flavor, giving it a unique spicy kick that distinguishes it from other cheeses. The ivory cut with reddish tones, extending from the rind to the center, adds to its visual allure.


  • Weight: Half cheese, approximately 1.5 kg
  • Spanish Artisanal Cheese: Aged in olive oil
  • Texture: Creamy, slightly crumbly
  • Flavor: Strong, intense sheep cheese flavor with a spicy aftertaste
  • Packaging: Available in whole, quarters, or halves, wrapped in greaseproof paper
  • Brand: QUESOS LA ALDEA, a symbol of Spanish artisanal excellence

Treat your palate to the bold flavors of our Artisanal Sheep Cheese Aged in Olive Oil. Perfect for those who appreciate the spicy, robust character of Spanish cheese. Add this delightful cheese to your collection and enjoy a taste of Spain!

User Experiences:

  1. "I've never tasted anything quite like this - the spicy aftertaste is a pleasant surprise, making it a standout in my cheese collection." - Amira, Egypt

  2. "This cheese is a hit at my dinner parties. Its bold flavor and creamy texture are always a topic of conversation." - Ethan, Canada

  3. "I was looking for a unique Spanish cheese, and this one exceeded my expectations. The olive oil aging adds such a rich dimension." - Keiko, Japan

  4. "The spice level is just perfect - noticeable but not overpowering. It's become a staple in my kitchen for various recipes." - Lukas, Germany

  5. "As a cheese enthusiast, I'm impressed by the complexity of flavors in this cheese. The blend of strong sheep cheese with the spicy notes is exceptional." - Priya, India

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