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Macán: The Elegance of Rioja in a Bottle - A Gift of Spanish Wine by Vega Sicilia

Macán: The Elegance of Rioja in a Bottle - A Gift of Spanish Wine by Vega Sicilia

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Indulge in the charm of Rioja with Macán, a wine that encapsulates the authentic essence of a prestigious land. Macán, a creation of both yesterday and today, pays homage to the timeless style of this renowned region. It seeks harmony by expressing its deep-rooted heritage, resulting in a wine of exceptional elegance, leaving an unforgettable balance of sensitivity and expressiveness.


  • Macán Red Wine
  • 75 cl Bottle, Ideal for Gifting
  • Crafted by Vega Sicilia
  • The Perfect Wine Gift for Christmas

Product Description:

Macán is a red wine crafted exclusively from the Tempranillo grape variety, a hallmark of Rioja's winemaking tradition. After the alcoholic fermentation, it undergoes malolactic fermentation in a harmonious blend of oak barrels and tanks. The aging process takes place in fine and extra-fine French oak, with a significant portion in new barrels and the remainder in barrels that previously held another wine. This aging process spans 15 months in oak, followed by further aging in the bottle until it's ready for sale.

Macán and Macán Clásico together represent the collective vision of two prestigious names in the wine world, Rothschild and Vega Sicilia, who share their interpretation of Rioja. These wines epitomize elegance, harmonizing their aromas and flavors to showcase the authenticity of their origin while delivering exceptional wines.

Macán, with its hidden allure, awaits the passage of time to unveil its exceptional elegance, enveloped in the smoothness of velvety tannins. It boasts greater aging potential compared to its sibling, characterized by a pronounced minerality. Their coexistence stems from the Bordeaux tradition of producing a first and second wine. Both wines evolve together from the vineyard to the classification tasting. Only then are the various harvest lots separated, revealing the distinct character of each wine and highlighting the differences between them.

Legal Notice:

Store Macán in an appropriate location to preserve its quality.

Discover the allure of Macán, a true masterpiece that captures the essence of Rioja's elegance in every sip, making it a perfect gift for wine enthusiasts and the ideal companion for festive occasions.

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