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Cosecha Privada

Explore the Essence of Spanish Wine with Protos: A Private Harvest Experience

Explore the Essence of Spanish Wine with Protos: A Private Harvest Experience

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Introducing Protos Cosecha Privada, an exclusive collection of Spanish wines that offers 24-hour delivery for a truly exceptional Spanish wine experience. In this article, we'll explore the world of Protos, a brand deeply rooted in the Spanish wine tradition since 1927. We'll also delve into the exquisite Protos Roble from Ribera del Duero, embodying the essence of Spanish winemaking.


  • Caja 6 Botellas - Bodegas Protos: This collection comprises six bottles from Bodegas Protos, a celebrated name in Spanish winemaking.
  • Ribera del Duero: Explore the renowned Ribera del Duero wine region, a symbol of Spanish wine excellence.
  • Mejores Vinos: Discover some of the finest Spanish wines in this exceptional collection.
  • Vinos Regalo: These wines make perfect gifts for wine enthusiasts.
  • Tinto, Blanco, Rosado: Experience the diversity of Spanish wine with our red, white, and rosé offerings.

Product Description: The Origin of Our Mission: Since 1927, Protos has remained dedicated to its motto, "SER PRIMERO," embodying a relentless pursuit of excellence with the sole aim of producing the best Spanish wines. Founded by visionary individuals, Bodegas Protos has listened to the land, understood its needs, and imagined a successful project that continues to thrive, rooted in Spanish wine tradition.

The Birth of a Legend - 1929: The early years were pivotal for the winery, marking the implementation of a strategy where quality was paramount and the brand stood as a sustainable competitive advantage. This commitment was validated by the gold medal awarded to our first Spanish wines from 1927 and 1928 at the Universal Exposition in Barcelona in 1929.

Benefits of Wine - 1970: In 1970, a significant expansion began with the construction of a maturation cellar in the heart of the mountain that supports the Castle. Here, the Spanish wines mature in barrels within over two kilometers of earth-excavated galleries, like a labyrinth, preserving the secret to Protos' success.

Legal Notice: Please store these Spanish wines in an appropriate place to maintain their exceptional quality.

Experience the rich heritage of Spanish wine by ordering the exclusive Protos Cosecha Privada collection today and savor the essence of Spanish winemaking!

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