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Desperta Ferro T-shirt of Teruel: A Salute to the Bodas de Isabel Legacy

Desperta Ferro T-shirt of Teruel: A Salute to the Bodas de Isabel Legacy

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Step into the illustrious saga of Teruel with every wear. Our meticulously designed t-shirt is more than just attire; it's a tapestry of history, romance, and valor, expertly woven to capture the essence of Teruel's legends.

Evocative Imagery:

✨ Front: Diego de Marcilla comes alive, exuding regality and valor as he confidently strides atop his horse. This isn't just a graphic; it's a tribute to the chivalrous age and the timeless tale of the Bodas de Isabel.

✨ Back: The bull on a pillar, inspired by Teruel's iconic 'Torico de Teruel', stands as a testament to the city's rich heritage. Every glance at this emblem echoes tales of the past and the undying spirit of Teruel.

✨ Sleeve: Printed with care, "The Lovers of Teruel", Isabel de Segura and Diego de Marcilla at the moment of the Rejected Kiss serves as a poignant reminder of the heart-wrenching romance that forever marks the city's history.

Desperta Ferro & The Almogavares:

"Desperta Ferro!" – a chant echoing power and valor. Originating from the fierce Almogavares, medieval mercenaries from the Crown of Aragon, this battle cry would thunder across battlefields as they struck their weapons against stones, producing sparks. This ritual symbolized their fiery spirit and readiness for combat.

The Almogavares, known for agility, fierce combat skills, and relentless spirit, donned minimal armor, ensuring swift movements. They were also recognized for their iconic footwear, the 'espardenyes'. With this t-shirt, you embrace the courage, resilience, and spirit of these legendary warriors.

Fabric and Design Highlights:

• Material Excellence: Made of 100% cotton, ensuring a soft and comfortable feel.
• Color Variations: Sport Grey blends 90% cotton with 10% polyester. Ash Grey combines 99% cotton and 1% polyester. While Heather colors strike a balance with 50% cotton and 50% polyester.
• Fabric weight: A substantial 5.0–5.3 oz/yd² (170-180 g/m²), perfect for durability without sacrificing comfort.
• Open-end Yarn: Offers a softer hand feel and better print clarity.
• Tubular Fabric: Provides a sleek profile, eliminating side seams.
• Neck and Shoulders: Taped for enhanced durability and comfort.
• Finishing Touches: Double seam at sleeves and bottom hem ensures longevity and adds to the design's overall polish.

Why This T-Shirt?

Dive deep into the legends of Teruel. From ancient love tales to warrior cries, every thread tells a story. Secure your piece of history and wear its tales with pride.

💥 Limited Stock! This isn't just a purchase; it's an experience. Embrace Teruel's legacy with unmatched quality and design. Secure yours now! 💥

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