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T Crusoe Treasure "Atesorado en el fondo del mar"

Discover the Depths of Flavor with Crusoe Treasure Sea Passion No. 6 - Submarine Red Wine

Discover the Depths of Flavor with Crusoe Treasure Sea Passion No. 6 - Submarine Red Wine

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Delve into the extraordinary world of Crusoe Treasure Sea Passion No. 6, a captivating submarine red wine that has been preserved in the depths of the sea. This unique wine, presented in an elegant gift box, tells a tale of underwater aging and distinctive character. Plus, enjoy a complimentary virtual tasting experience* to unlock its secrets.


  • Brand: Crusoe Treasure "Atesorado en el fondo del mar"
  • Color: Intense Dark Cherry Red
  • Features:
    • Limited edition: Last bottles available. Submarine red wine (a blend) aged for 15 months underwater.
    • Each bottle of submarine wine is one of a kind, with its own unique story to tell.
    • If your Crusoe Treasure bottle arrives with a more opaque appearance and encrustations, it has resided in a sheltered area, surrounded by relative calm, where small fish inhabit the cellar-reef.
    • A cleaner bottle indicates a more rugged location, subjected to the force and intensity of the Cantabrian Sea, making attachments more challenging—only the strongest survive and improve in these conditions.
    • Regardless of the conditions, Crusoe Treasure wines reach their peak evolution during the underwater aging process.
    • Gift box: Each bottle is accompanied by a beautifully designed box and an explanatory booklet. Watercolor drawings by Japanese artist Yusei Nagashima depict the species from our underwater cellar.
    • FREE VIRTUAL TASTING: With a bottle of our submarine wines, we offer a complimentary, personalized virtual tasting led by our team of professionals. 
    • Animal-friendly: We do not use animal-based fining agents during our wine production.
    • Note: The wax seal on the bottle neck may be damaged due to its fragility after the submarine aging process. This does not affect the quality of the wine. If in doubt, please contact us directly.
    • Ideal gift for special occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, and more.
  • Enologist: Dr. Antonio T. Palacios, Director of Enology at Crusoe Treasure Winery
  • Package Dimensions: 12.7 x 5.7 x 5.5 inches
  • Languages: French, Spanish, English

Uncover the enigmatic world of Crusoe Treasure Sea Passion No. 6, where submarine aging yields a wine like no other. Order now and enjoy the depths of flavor, complete with a complimentary virtual tasting* to enhance your experience.

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