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Alión by Vega Sicilia: A Spanish Red Wine Revelation

Alión by Vega Sicilia: A Spanish Red Wine Revelation

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ALIÓN - Born to Make History Alión, a testament to Vega Sicilia's innovation and dedication, represents a new chapter in the legacy of exceptional Spanish wines. This red wine is crafted exclusively from the Tinto Fino grape variety. Handpicked in 12 kg crates, the grapes are swiftly transported to the winery for immediate sorting and selection. Fermentation takes place in wooden tanks with temperature control to achieve optimal polyphenolic extraction, contributing to the wine's rich color and firm structure, key elements of its personality. Subsequently, the wine matures in a combination of oak and cement for 12 to 14 months, depending on the vintage, all within new Bordeaux oak barrels. These barrels, sourced from the most prestigious Bordeaux cooperages, represent a significant investment in oak. Each harvest, all of Alión's wine ages exclusively in new barrels, ensuring that once the wine is bottled, these barrels will not be used again.

After maturing in barrels, Alión remains undisturbed in the bottle for no less than 15 months. During this period, it harmoniously blends primary fruit aromas with the nuances imparted by delicate aging. The result is a wine that is robust, complex, and intense, yet distinguished by its elegance—a defining characteristic of the winery.

Alión, the brainchild of Vega Sicilia, proudly represents the Ribera del Duero region's winemaking excellence. Crafted from the Tinto Fino grape variety, this red wine showcases the blend of tradition and innovation for which Vega Sicilia is renowned. With a meticulous winemaking process involving fermentation in wooden tanks and aging in new oak barrels, Alión exemplifies the commitment to quality and the enduring legacy of Spanish wine. Whether as a gift or a personal indulgence, Alión by Vega Sicilia is a testament to the winery's dedication to crafting exceptional Spanish wines.

Alión - 24-Hour Express Delivery - Gift Bottle of Wine - Vega Sicilia Winery - Red Wine - Ribera del Duero - Handpicked and Sent by Cosecha Privada. Alión embodies pioneering, independent, and contemporary character, a product of the evolution of a celebrated family of outstanding wines. Recognized, distinguished, and celebrated for its authentic temperament, Alión now symbolizes a universal spirit with a future-oriented vision.


Alión, born to make history, is more than a bottle of wine; it's a masterpiece that reflects Vega Sicilia's unwavering pursuit of excellence. With its contemporary character and future-forward spirit, Alión stands as a symbol of innovation in the world of Spanish wine. This gift bottle from the prestigious Vega Sicilia winery is a tribute to the Ribera del Duero region and a true delight for wine enthusiasts. Discover the exceptional blend of tradition and modernity in every sip of Alión.

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