Collection: The Best Spices of Teruel - Aragón - Spain

Teruel and Aragón, nestled in Spain's heart, are rich in agricultural traditions, especially in cultivating spices and herbs like saffron, lavender, and thyme. These botanical treasures not only enrich the local cuisine but also echo the regions' historical love for natural, aromatic ingredients, making them a gastronomic paradise.

Saffron: A Legacy of Cultivation
Saffron cultivation in Teruel and Aragón is a practice steeped in tradition. The province of Teruel, particularly the town of Bañon, has been home to saffron cultivation for many generations, notably by the Gomez family​. The saffron from Teruel is available through outlets like Teruel Today, indicative of the region's rich saffron cultivation heritage​. Teruel's Monreal del Campo is another area where a family has dedicated itself to saffron cultivation, underscoring the generational craft of saffron farming in the region​

The Jiloca area in Teruel is recognized for its saffron, derived from the stigma of the Crocus sativus flower. The tradition of saffron cultivation in this region can be traced back over a thousand years, with the techniques for harvest and production remaining largely unchanged over the centuries.

Thymus Moroderi and Polygonatum Odoratum:

In Teruel, Thymus moroderi and Polygonatum odoratum are cultivated, showcasing the variety of medicinal plants grown in the region.Cinnamon, Oregano, and Basil:
These spices and aromatic herbs are among the most used in cooking, as per Aragón Gourmet based in Monreal del Campo, Teruel. Cinnamon, known for its unique fragrance, is essential for sweet recipes and meat dressings. Oregano, a quintessential ingredient in many kitchens, is prized for its digestive properties and is widely used in Italian dishes. Basil, with its soft and fresh aroma, is popular for its ease of cultivation and its culinary versatility in salads, pastas, pizzas, and meat dishes.