Collection: The Best Black Truffles from Teruel - Aragón - Spain

The Black Diamond of Teruel-Aragón: Unveiling the Mystique of Tuber Melanosporum

Nestled in the heart of Spain, the regions of Teruel and Aragón harbor a coveted treasure beneath their fertile soils - the illustrious black truffle, scientifically revered as Tuber Melanosporum. Often hailed as the "black diamond" of gastronomy, this fungal marvel has positioned Teruel and Aragón as global frontrunners in truffle cultivation and exportation.

The Pinnacle of Exports: Teruel, a province within Aragón, stands tall as a paramount hub for the black truffle, with its exports leading not just Spain but resonating across the global stage. With ongoing data from the State Secretariat of Commerce depicting that almost half of Spain’s truffle exports emerge from Teruel, it's clear that the province holds a significant sway in the global truffle market. Following Teruel, Lérida and Huesca are also notable contributors to Spain's truffle exports, albeit at a lesser magnitude​​.

A Soil Like No Other: The truffle-rich soils of Teruel and Aragón are nothing short of a haven for Tuber Melanosporum. Spanning over 10,000 hectares dedicated to truffle cultivation, the lion’s share of these truffle fields are nestled in Teruel, although the provinces of Zaragoza and Huesca also present favorable grounds for truffle growth. The unique limestone and stony soils, coupled with the presence of oak forests and a climate conducive to truffle growth, foster the cultivation of this prized fungus​​.

Sarrión: The Capital of Black Truffle: Gastronomic aficionados find a sanctuary in Sarrión, a quaint town in Teruel deemed the capital of black truffle in Spain. According to connoisseurs, Sarrión boasts the finest conditions in Europe for black truffle cultivation. Every December, the town basks in truffle glory during FITRUF, a prestigious exhibition exclusively dedicated to the black truffle. This event unveils a realm of truffle-centric activities, from enlightening conferences and culinary demonstrations to truffle-hunting dog shows, offering a gateway to the mesmerizing world of truffles​​.

A Quality Assurance Voyage: To further burgeon the quality and recognition of Teruel-Aragón’s black truffles, a journey towards establishing a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) quality seal has been embarked upon. This initiative, fueled by a €100,000 subsidy from an accord between the Government of Aragón and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, aims to bolster the international standing of this region's black truffles. This promising venture is set to position Teruel’s black truffles as a hallmark of quality on the global gastronomic map​​.

The narrative of Tuber Melanosporum from Teruel and Aragón is a tale of tradition, quality, and an undying quest for gastronomic excellence. The world continues to be enchanted by the black diamonds that sprout from the heart of Spain, a testament to the rich culinary heritage that Teruel and Aragón are endowed witg

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