Territorio Dinópolis Attracts Over 13,000 Visitors During Easter Week

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Territorio Dinópolis: A Prehistoric Adventure in Teruel

Territorio Dinópolis, located in Teruel, Spain, stands as one of the most unique theme parks dedicated to paleontology and the age of dinosaurs. Spanning a vast area, it offers visitors an immersive journey back in time, where they can explore the world of these magnificent creatures. The park blends education with entertainment, boasting extensive exhibits that feature real fossils, animated figures, and life-sized replicas of dinosaurs. Beyond its educational value, Dinópolis Teruel also provides thrilling rides and shows, making it a perfect destination for families and enthusiasts alike. Over the years, its reputation has grown, drawing visitors from various parts of the world. Easter, in particular, is a time when the park experiences a surge in visitors, solidifying its status as a must-visit destination during the holiday season.

Key Statistics and Highlights

During this year's Easter period, Territorio Dinópolis witnessed an influx of over 13,000 attendees. The Holy Saturday, 7th April, stood out with a commendable 2,497 visitors, marking it as the peak visiting day. Easter's significance to the park is undeniable as it consistently garners the highest attendance throughout the year. However, there was a slight dip this year with a 19% decrease compared to the previous year. This drop was attributed to adverse weather forecasts which were predicted for the early holidays. Nevertheless, in a silver lining, Dinópolis Teruel experienced a 7% boost in footfall on both Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, when compared to its 2011 records.

Statements from Management

Higinia Navarro, the dynamic manager of Dinópolis, expressed her initial optimism for this year's Easter turnout. She remarked, "March had shown promising numbers, surpassing last year's visitor count for the same month. While the eventual turnout was lower due to unpredictable weather patterns, we were still thrilled to host over 13,000 enthusiastic visitors." Navarro also emphasized the upcoming April holidays, including St. George's Day on the 23rd and the notable holiday on May 1st, as additional opportunities for those who missed out during Easter to experience the park's wonders.

Demographics of the Visitors

A closer look at the demographics revealed interesting insights into the origins of the visitors. The Community of Valencia took the lead, contributing 27.33% to the visitor count. Catalonia followed with 20%, while Madrid, with its bustling population, contributed 16.67%. Aragon and the Basque Country were also well represented with 16.50% and 5.27% respectively. On a provincial scale, Madrid remained predominant with 16.67% of visitors. Valencia, Barcelona, and Zaragoza trailed closely. It's worth noting that one of Dinópolis's initial promotional activities, held at Madrid's Gavia Shopping Center, might have contributed to the high Madrid turnout.

Digital Presence & Engagement

Dinópolis Teruel has not only made waves in the physical realm but also in the digital domain. There has been a discernible surge in online interactions, especially on prominent social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This spike in online engagement underscores the park's commitment to staying connected with its audience, addressing queries, and promoting its latest offerings.

Dinópolis Teruel: Where Education Meets Adventure.

5 Top Reasons to Visit Territorio Dinópolis

Dive into the Dino Era: Dinópolis offers an immersive journey into the prehistoric era. With its life-sized replicas and meticulously curated exhibits, visitors can truly feel the ambiance of the time when these colossal creatures dominated the earth.

Blend of Education and Fun: The park stands as a beacon of knowledge and discovery. Dive into interactive sessions, learn from authentic fossils, and ignite your passion and curiosity about the intricacies of the Mesozoic era.

Fascinating Paleontological Research: Dinópolis is not just a theme park; it's also a hub for paleontological research. Here, visitors have the chance to see real researchers at work, uncovering the secrets of ancient life.

Interactive Exhibits: Dinópolis boasts state-of-the-art interactive exhibits that engage visitors in an educative journey, making learning about dinosaurs an engaging and unforgettable experience.

Diverse Attractions for All Ages: The park offers attractions tailored to every age group. From zones dedicated to kids with hands-on activities to in-depth exhibits for adults, everyone leaves with new knowledge and memories.

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