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The Liquorice Experiment En Concierto: A Dive into the Beats of Garage

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Melodic Odyssey: The Liquorice Experiment En Concierto Unveils the Essence of Garage Beat

As the dusk descends on the city, a musical saga awaits to unfold at La Lata de Bombillas. The night sky will resonate with the rhythmic beats of The Liquorice Experiment En Concierto, a spectacle that promises to transcend the mundane and transport you into a realm of melodic ecstasy.

Event Details: 

The gateway to this musical voyage opens at 18:30h, with the concert set to enrapture hearts from 19:00h onwards. A ticket to this entrancing evening is priced at a mere 10€, a modest sum for a rich auditory expedition. Ensure your presence in this musical narrative by booking your tickets at Entradium.

The Band's Journey:

 The Liquorice Experiment is not merely a band; it embodies a musical odyssey that commenced in the heart of the culturally rich city of London in 2017. Their maiden venture, a compelling album titled 'How Many Lies,' was launched under the aegis of the illustrious Madrid-based label @snaprecordsspain. This album is a reflection of their evolving musical acumen and a testament to their burgeoning popularity in the garage beat genre.

Musical Milestones: 

Their resonance with the rhythmic heart of London’s underground party scene has been illustrious, especially with their celebrated singles like 'Circa 66' and 'Last Trip'. The musical journey didn’t halt there; they enthralled audiences in significant events like Le Beat Bespoke and NYE Rock&Roll Circus Party. Their footprints were also marked at prestigious gatherings like the Mod Weekender Festival in Brighton and internationally at France's Le Bim Festival.

International Footprints: 

Post-2019, the ensemble orchestrated a regrouping between Spain and the UK, continuing their musical expedition across borders. Their music, a harmonious blend of garage beat, narrates a tale of two lands, carrying the essence and cultural richness of both Spain and the UK.

Closing Note: 

The Liquorice Experiment En Concierto isn’t just a concert; it's an odyssey into the heart of garage beat music. Each chord, each tune, is set to narrate a tale, offering a milieu that's as enchanting as the narrative of The Liquorice Experiment itself. This night beckons every music aficionado to come, be a part of a narrative that celebrates the essence of garage beat in its purest form, and create memories that will echo in the heart long after.

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